Alvaro J. de Orleans-Borbón obtained a glider pilot license in 1970, which is still current with 5.000 hours TT. He represented Spain in ten FAI World Gliding Championships, and won the World Cup for Moun-tain Gliding in Rieti, Italy in 1979. Additionally, in 1985, he organized the first Himalaya Soaring Expedition, flying a powered glider from Italy to Nepal and back, in order to measure the wind and other meteorological data while crossing ten times the Himalayas in the Kali Gandaki valley (the deepest valley in the world) and then compare the in-flight recorded data with the output of the first global weather forecast computer models.

Currently, he is a member of the Executive Board of FAI, Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (the World’s Air Sport Federation) based in Lausanne, and a member of the Executive Boards of COTEC, Spain and Italy; both national foundations devoted to the promotion of technological innovation in their respective countries.

Alvaro J. de Orleans-Borbón, Spanish, was born in Rome, Italy on March 1st, 1947. He graduated from the University of Rome with a Masters in Electrical Engineering in 1974, and a final thesis: “Design, construction and testing of an acoustic radar for the sounding of the lower troposphere.”

In 1973, he was among the founders of SMAE SpA, a company dedicated to the production of ceramic lightweight aggregate in Italy, sold in 1982 to UNICEM of the Fiat group. He has been a director of TSI in the USA, a company operating in the fitness industry under the trade names “NYSC - New York Sports Club” and similar.