Described by Newsweek as “the man responsible for more innovations in modern aviation than any living engineer,” Burt Rutan is a bold entrepreneur and designer with the vision and passion for the advancement of technology.

In 2004 Rutan made international headlines as the designer of SpaceShipOne, the worlds first privately built manned spacecraft to reach space. In 20 years, Rutan predicts, “Space tourism will be a multibillion-dollar business.”

In 2012 Paul Allen announced the creation of Stratolaunch Systems with Rutan as a board member. SCALED Composites is building what will be the world’s largest airplane to serve as the carrier ship for this revolutionary orbital space launch system.

Rutan designed the legendary Voyager, the first aircraft to circle the world non-stop, without refueling. He also developed the GM Ultralite, an all-composite 100 mpg show car for General Motors, and the Proteus “affordable U-2” aircraft. His Virgin Atlantic Global- Flyer broke the Voyager’s time-record, becoming the first non-stop, solo flight around the world. He is a legendary aircraft and space- craft designer with over 367 designs, of which 45 have flown.

Winner of the Presidential Citizen’s Medal, the Charles A. Lindbergh Award, two Collier Trophies and included on Time Magazine’s “100 most influential people in the world,” Rutan is the founder of SCALED Composites, based in Mojave, CA. Burt retired in 2011, and now is able to spend more time at his home in northern Idaho. Burt Rutan received the “Bob Hoover Freedom of Flight Award” at the 9th Annual Living Legends of Aviation Awards.