When Craig R. Sincock, a passionate aviator with a keen sense of business, acquired Avfuel Corporation 37 years ago, he sought to disrupt and reinvent the aviation fuel supply chain. This vision drove Avfuel’s evolution from a regional fuel distributor into the leading global supplier of aviation fuel and comprehensive services, spanning 3,000+ locations and forever changing the market. 

Today, the company conducts business in 149 countries and supports all aviation sectors, including FBOs, airports, corporate operators and helicopters, airlines, cargo/freight and the military. With the breadth of its operations, Avfuel touches 33% of U.S. business flights daily and serves 5,500+ flight departments with global fuel connectivity. As the industry’s first comprehensive independent fuel supplier, Sincock’s company supports 650+ branded FBOs, accounting for a 28% market share. 
This rapid growth was driven by Sincock’s vision to surround fuel with the systems required to support business aviation’s underlying infrastructure—something no other fuel supplier offered. As a result, Sincock expanded Avfuel into new markets, introducing processes that provide reliable fuel supply, streamline operations, and land FBOs more business.
To accelerate Avfuel’s growth, Sincock conducted more than 30 acquisitions—including four aviation divestitures by publicly-traded companies (NYSE)—expanding its geographic reach and access to new customer segments. To control the quality of Avfuel’s offerings and ensure a premier customer experience, Sincock made massive investments in company-owned solutions to form: Avflight, a network of 24 owned FBOs; Avtank, an OEM for refueling equipment and parts, providing fuel quality assurance; Avsurance, an aviation insurance company; the Avfuel Training System for comprehensive fuel safety training; AVTRIP, the industry’s first rewards program; a trading and hedging company; Avplan, a flight planning division; and Avfuel Technology Initiatives Corporation, which leads the industry in sustainability initiatives, such as sustainable aviation fuel, carbon credits and unleaded avgas.
As an ATP pilot, Sincock brought a unique perspective to fuel supply, seeing customer challenges as opportunities to reinvent a fuel supplier’s value. With this methodology, Sincock established a highly-recognized global brand; soon, industry counterparts mirrored his business model. 
With an innovative mindset and relentless commitment to the user experience, Sincock continues to challenge Avfuel to evolve and keeps his pulse on technological advancements, including air mobility and electrification, to analyze Avfuel’s role in this next generation of aviation